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About us

Macchia dei briganti Wines of Avellino, Italian wine Macchia dei briganti Wines of Avellino, Italian wine

About us?

   We are a new winery situated on the fertile hills of Irpinia, in Italy. The wines that come from our lands, such as the Avellino and Irpinia wines, are the result of the vocation of our territory. A land where highly inspired viticulture always finds yield from the "Aglianico" vine, from which we get the excellent wines Campi Taurasini DOC Irpinia, Aglianico IGT Campania and Rosato DOC Irpinia. The Fiano vine also located in these lands, has provided us with the renowned Fiano di Avellino DOCG.


   We began as vintners in 2001, when we decided to continue the efforts of our ancestors by replanting an old vineyard of Aglianico grapes. In the following years we planted further vineyards of Aglianico and Fiano grapes. Initially we passed on our grapes to other wineries, but we soon realized that we had an advantageous position to exploit which offered a good opportunity of success.


   Our vineyards in Irpinia are located in a particular geographic location, between two important towns, Montefalcione and Lapio, the only two in the province of Avellino to have achieved the prestigious DOCG award for Aglianico and Fiano vines. So in 2012 we decided to start a small winery with all the necessary equipment and begin this new experience, producing the typical wines of Avellino.


   We have since been producing and we will continue to produce wine exclusively from our grapes. We personally oversee all stages of production: pruning, plant protection treatments, harvest and vinification, aging and bottling. This is to ensure our customers that we know what we are doing and that our final product is safe, genuine, natural, of high quality and above all at an affordable price to all.


   The wines we produce from our grapes are:

1) Fiano di Avellino DOCG

2) Campi Taurasini DOC Irpinia

3) Rosato DOC Irpinia

4) Aglianico IGT Campania


   Our brand "Macchia dei briganti" comes from an ancient history of banditry around the '"Appia Antica", the old caravan route linking Puglia and Campania.



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Fiano di Avellino DOCG - White Wine of Irpinia Fiano di Avellino DOCG - White Wine of Irpinia
Campi taurasini red Wine of Irpinia Campi taurasini red Wine of Irpinia
Rosè doc - Wine of Irpinia Rosè doc - Wine of Irpinia
Aglianico igt Campania Aglianico igt Campania
Campi Taurasini red Wine of Irpinia Campi Taurasini red Wine of Irpinia
Aglianico grape Aglianico grape