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Rose Wine Rosato doc Irpinia - Macchia dei briganti.

Rose Wine Doc Irpinia Aglianico of 100%





Rose Wine Rosato Doc Irpinia: history

Rosato doc Irpinia rosé Rosato doc Irpinia rosé

Rose Wine Rosato DOC Irpinia: History


   The Rose Wine Rosato DOC Irpinia wine has been gaining more and more popularity. This wine has a very delicate taste and is especially favoured by women not only for the taste but also for its quintessentially feminine pink colouring. It is a wine that is gaining notoriety, even though it is often still discredited as a wine for being neither white nor red.


   Nowadays this myth has been busted due to the great versatility that this wine offers thanks to the distinctive Aglianico grapes it is made from. It goes hand in hand with several dishes that can vary from fish to pizza and courses from starters to desserts. It is often the only suitable companion with those dishes and foods with which it is hard to match a red or a white wine. France has long given importance to this nice coloured sweet wine and quality rosé wines are becoming very popular in Italy with more and more producers marketing rosé wines, however the current Rosé phenomenon in Italy is more a fashion trend than a real passion.


   There are basically two methods of vinification of rosé wine. Plain winemaking: It consists of using only red grapes, by fermenting the juice without the skins, (or at least let macerate together for a few hours) so that the wine will take a pink colour instead of red. Mixture of red and white grapes: With this method are used predominantly white grapes with the addition of red grapes in lesser quantity according to the gradation of the colour desired. This method is used mostly in the production of sparkling wines.


Rose Wine Rosato Doc Irpinia our vineyards

Rosato Doc Irpinia our vineyards Rosato Doc Irpinia our vineyards

Rose Wine Rosato DOC Irpinia: Our vineyards


   The Macchia dei briganti branded Rose Wine Rosato DOC Irpinia wine is made exclusively in our vineyards located in the border area between Montefalcione and Lapio, at an altitude of 600 meters from the sea level, with clayey and calcareous soil, the vines are situated on the back of a hill and are exposed to the sun throughout the day. This allows a perfect ripening of the grapes, which gives the resulting wine a scent and aroma particularly unique.


   This is one of the reasons why we recommend everyone to taste our Rose Wine Rosato DOC Irpinia.

Another thing to consider is we can ensure its authenticity and wholesomeness because although we produce it on an industrial scale, we do so in small batches and using traditional methods. We only vinify in our cellar the grapes from our vineyards, which we exclusively tend until harvest. For this reason, we can guarantee that no harmful chemicals were used, neither in the phytosanitary treatments of the vineyard nor in the winemaking cellar. This is verified by accurate laboratory analyses performed every year.

Rose Wine Rosato Doc Irpinia organoleptic

Rosato Doc Irpinia organoleptic Rosato Doc Irpinia organoleptic

Rose Wine Rosato DOC Irpinia: Organoleptic


   The Macchia dei briganti branded Rose Wine Rosato DOC Irpinia wine is vinified with only red Aglianico grapes, carefully selected in our vineyards to separate those which have the intense pink colour with violet hues most suited to giving a great Rose Wine Rosato DOC Irpinia wine.


   The classic plain vinification is made by separating the skins from the must immediately upon pressing. The must then ferments in steel tanks at a temperature between 16-18 °C for between 10-12 days, so as to obtain a good aromatic composition with a soft and velvety taste. Its aroma is delicate and very reminiscent of fresh fruits, such as cherries and berries, as well as subtle aromas of black cherry and a hint of strawberry, well structured, balanced and elegant. The year 2013 has an alcohol content of 13.5°.


   All these qualities make it a versatile wine to drink as an aperitif or partnered with starters, pasta and rice dishes, fish and white or delicate meats. Other serving suggestions are fried fish, as well as raw vegetables and sushi.


Rose Wine Rosato DOC Irpinia best served at a temperature of about 8-10 °C.

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